Thursday, December 31, 2009

procrastination : part 1

OWWEE !. i did it . i start on part 1 on my science fair project . im soo happy . yay me . its new year eve so happy new year guys !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Famous Song Quotes Top 10 List. Great Song Quotes & Quotations!

now look at this . im suppose to be doing my science fair project and now i have music quotes . wts man . imma fail second semester science . uqh pray for me . procrastination is a killer !

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

seven months

i hate you !
i hate the way you make me smile
the way you say my name
the way you know when i cry
the way you let my wall dwn
the way you laugh
the way you call me like 12 times lol
you were the first person to say happy bday
you are the first person i fell for and you caught me
you are my first lovee
you are going to be my first first
you might even be my husband
i hate that i love you
i hate you so much .
why do you love me ?
why do you make me feel like the only person alive
i hate you !
i hate you , i fucking love you !

Friday, December 25, 2009

his toy

you were his toy but he put you down for a new toy. now you have a hole in your heart and it burns your soul. the tears you cry every night are so cold. you close your eyes and look up to the sky, you promise yourself this is the last time you cry .

what happened?

when did my closest friends become associates ? what happen to the time we all use to sit around &+ laugh at silly jokes? remember when it was i always have your back . what happened to that? why am i standing alone while my friends break off and dont even speak to each other. what happened to besties for ever? now its like we are forgetting each other and hanging out with other people but im not, now im alone. what happened to our friendship, what happened to me? did i change , did highschool change us?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

dear santa claus

Christmas is coming up. I never wrote to you but i believe if i write to you this year maybe just maybe i really get what i really want.

  1. My life togther aka stop being alone and feel love not left out
  2. A bestie
  3. friends
  4. all A"s
  5. clothes
  6. to be fashionable
  7. to love my body or loose weight either one that is easier
  8. My mom to get her dream job
  9. My grandparnets to move to ga
  10. a job
  11. just want to be happy
  12. a boyfriend

I just want to be able to love waking up everyday


Leah, a very lonely depressed 16teen year old.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


its offical, no one cares. i can die tonight no one would care ! im alone in this biq ass world . shoot me just so the pain can go away.


OMG! i love fashion yes yes yes. i just love it.

Monday, December 14, 2009


oh m qeee!
drum roll please . * drum drum* this week is finals weeks. yay! most people would say boo but hey think about it, after finals there is a break yay!. finals this year is going to be a breeze. after finals its the count down until my brother leaves for college. then its just me and my mommie and our 4 kittens. at least my sis will visit but my other brother is leaving for new york boo. im going to cry. things have been going great. my bestie aka bambi is always there for me. i love him so much i could cry. finals finals finals. yay

Thursday, December 10, 2009

mulah mulah

qosh i want that cash in my hands !
i need a JOB.
for x-mas i asked for a debit card and have everyone put money on ma card. i cant wait to spend it
so I'm going back to my old ways.
thinking like a dudee, acting like a chick, wearing ma vans and black white and gray. i like ma punk rock self. its sexy!!

punck rock chick

Sunday, December 6, 2009

rockstar 1O1

psh you didn't know i'ma rock star sweetheart ! lol
well today i pinky promise my momma we get in shape, and help her find her a man, and some real friends. its going to be hard but im going to do it ! x-mas is coming yay!!
im getting emotional better and mental better.
OMG! i could get a 4.0 this year. i have all A's and one mother fucking B! A B come on a B uqh !! come on lady give me my A and i can go on with my life.

Friday, December 4, 2009

cold case love

on my roof

dark and I'm burning rose

i don't need proof
this song hits home. life has been uqh! its like god i pissed god off and he is getting back at me. idk i hope not. i just want to die. maybe the pain will finally go away.
i laugh so you cant hear the sadness in my voice. i smile so you don't see the hurt in my eyes. i stay in my room so no one can see the tears that are dropping from my eyes . how can you break something that's already broken? you cant put the puzzle back together. life will never be the same for me. it hurts but i know it true. the truth hurts so does love!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

little laugh

  • for every awkward moment a gay baby is born. OMG!, that's a lot of gay babies. i blame the news lol. awkward much? ( gay baby)
  • president of fpsoa ( future porn stars of america) lol !*
  • want tattos and piercings for x-mas
  • want to marry a rich white guy
  • nickname liddo weird lol
  • got sick cuz i was on that corner for 4 hrs straight uqh recession hitting my pocket now*
  • the ones with * beside it is a joke between me and my friends lol, i love those guys

Sunday, November 29, 2009


"Never say forever cause forever isn't real
Forever's what you think and forever's what you feel
So if you say forever please promise that you'll try
But never say forever cause forever makes me cry"

Saturday, November 28, 2009


so we been on break and now break is over. OMG! i missed the whole break. so much i have missed.
sorry i been mia. just never have time on my hands to post. okay thats a lie, im just lazy lol. i promise i write at least 3 times a week. i will at least try.
working out is hard but im doing it pray for me. i need to lose 87 more pounds. lol thats alot. jeez

Saturday, November 21, 2009


why is loving me so hard to do?
why is losing weight so hard to do?
why is getting a 4.0 hard to do?
why is being happy hard to do?
why is loving myself for who i am hard to do?
why is being able to show my soft side hard to do?
why is leaving the past in the past hard to do?
why is trying to get over him hard to do?
why is finally forgiving my dad hard to do?
why is being nice hard to do?
why is finding a best friend hard to do?
why do i cry a night because all of these things are so hard to do?
why am i crying as i write this?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

late night post

So yeah I'm doing my latest blog round up and omg!; their blogs are like freakinq awesomee. Dudee I'm like so jealous. lol. its like 11 something. I study for like 3 mins lol. Test tmrrw, I'm just studying doing lunch. I mean who eats anymore. I need to start working out like now!!. I'm tired of being a fat ass lol. South Park stuck in my head. So I'm dropping that slang talk. It makes you seem ignorant. smh. Where is the world going to? I promise I'm going to post. Pinky promise. uqh!. Sleep is needed in my body so its time for this delicious teenager to head bed.
night night sweethearts. mwuah ily!
oh btw honors suck!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm going to jump off a bridge and kill myself. I have so much homework its causing me headaches. I hate honors! I so sick of the useless work. Come on now of my classes are going to help me once I leave college an get my dream job. This shit kills me. School is getting harder and harder to the point I want to drop out. uqh! Some one just shoot me now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skinny much ?

God i wish i was skinny. idk bout i feel like if i was skinny i could be more happier, smile more, laugh more. idk. It just when i see skinny girls i get the green eye. I mean i don't know there back story, all I know is they seem happy. I could careless about guys affection because I already got that because of my huge boobs. Its the clothes that get me. All the clothes are so fucking pretty. I want to cry when I see them. Damn I wish so hard that I could be skinny. So a course I'm going to work out and dream and change my mind set to i know I'm going to be skinny. Idk how some girls want to be fat. OMG! that kills me. So I cry at night because I want to just wake up and boom I'm skinny. lol. That would never happen. smh. Working out here I go. uqh !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cycle i quess

I been writing poems since i been heartbroken so here goes one:

you cried so hard last night cuz you realize you was never his type.

you use to kiss goodnight but now its fill with endless fights.

you wonder why you pick this guy, maybe cuz he use his best line or cuz he was oh so fine?

he still smiles at you but it burns a hole in you. you look back at what use to be, thinking he already over me. silly little girl this is a cycle, and it will never end until you meet that special friend. he is that special friend, he is your knight in armor. he is the love of your life cuz he made you his wife. now kiss him goodnight cuz yall hardly ever fight. you fell in love with mr. right!

First Post

its my first post lOl.

well i been sick for 5 days, i miss a whole week of school uqh

but im happy b/c i qot to make myblog finally.

so im trying to lose weight i got 82 more pounds to go uqh.

life is suckinq for me but oh well

i promise i write on here more

well bye gotta to the work i missed

uqh a whole week worth and 2 projects

some one shoot me!