Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skinny much ?

God i wish i was skinny. idk bout i feel like if i was skinny i could be more happier, smile more, laugh more. idk. It just when i see skinny girls i get the green eye. I mean i don't know there back story, all I know is they seem happy. I could careless about guys affection because I already got that because of my huge boobs. Its the clothes that get me. All the clothes are so fucking pretty. I want to cry when I see them. Damn I wish so hard that I could be skinny. So a course I'm going to work out and dream and change my mind set to i know I'm going to be skinny. Idk how some girls want to be fat. OMG! that kills me. So I cry at night because I want to just wake up and boom I'm skinny. lol. That would never happen. smh. Working out here I go. uqh !