Monday, January 4, 2010

first post 2O1O

well its 2O1O guys ! i thank god for letting me see another year . omg only 5 more days until i get my iphone . yes god . im still trying to get my emotiona togther and lose weight and try help my bipolarness ( is that even a word ) . 2OO9 i got closer to god and thank him for that . if it wasnt for him i would have probably already killed myself . science fair project in two days and i did nothing . i mean i did the project i just have to put it together and i dont want to . uqh i hate honors chemistry . its stupid but i only have 5 months and its over . hopefully my mom decides to move so i can have a fresh new start . there is so much on my mind and little time . i just want to thank qod for allow bambi( nick name) to come in my life . he is awesome . i love him so much ! our relationship is weird . i mean are we friends , are we bf and gf , idk . neither does he . idc what we are im just happy that i have him